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What is PlayFight Club network?

PlayFight Club network is a net of PlayFight Club organisations in various countries and towns. Nowadays we organise PlayFight Clubs in Czech Republic, Switzerland and Poland.

We seek the limits of our strength, courage, and vulnerability. It's not about overcome and humiliate other person, it is about allowing yourself to win and lose, to let yourself to be strong and weak. Find the play in a fight. We are interested in how we connect with our strength, how we set boundaries, how we care about our energy during a match, how we care about a connection and much more.

Our mission is to give people the opportunity to meet and grow together in PlayFight Clubs in many countries in many cities. Do you want to collaborate with us in fulfiling this dream?

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    About founders

    Tomáš Wortner

    Tomáš Wortner

    Fighter against fear.
    Actor. Performer. Dancer. Lector.
    He supports himself and others in fulfilment of their honest dreams.

    Martin Šalanda

    Martin Šalanda

    Possibility manager.
    Lector. Performer. Clown. Being.
    His passion is to empower people in their authenticity.

    The journey of Tomáš

    My main professional background is movement and physical theatre. I was always inspired by movement methods which were emphasizing body and mind awareness, health, human connection and joy. No surprise that my main domains are yoga, AcroYoga, partner acrobatics and contact improvisation. In theatre I enjoy the never-ending creative journey with my body and voice leading to sincere, brave and spontaneous expression.

    In past years I was researching impact of martial arts (capoeira, aikido) on performer/actor craft. I was amazed how deep the work can go, but I was missing good platform to explore it more beyond theatre purposes. In the same times me and Martin were organising and leading men´s circles (councils) where men can share, listen and support each other from their heart.
    Men´s circles are very meaningful for us but we were missing meeting beyond verbal level.

    So me and Martin decided to take our experiences further and created PlayFight Club. The opportunity to explore, learn from
    and share the deep truth which appears in the primal movement situation.

    My great inspirations are and big thanks go to Kuba Gontarski for intensive training times and inspiration in capoeira and clever movement. To Przemysław Blaszczak for aikido research and performer-warrior perspective. And to Doman Rynkiewicz for his never stopping exploration of human being from many perspectives: body, movement, emotions, soul.

    The journey of Martin

    I am obsessed with my body. Literary body is my obsession, how can I move my little finger on foot, what do I feel, how do I look (are my muscles big enough), what... As a young boy, I was expressive but shy to use my voice, so I hide my voice in my body. Expressing myself with a body, brought me more body sensitivity, or maybe I was born with it :D. I love stories.

    Then when I was 25 I got into physical theater performance world, where I met with acrobatics, yoga, aikido and other views on practice with a body. I got to be more curious and conscious about a body. I give back what I learned through my workshops.

    On my way, I met feelings. Feelings stronger than I could understand. So I got myself into conscious feeling work through Possibility Management. Now I give myself more chance to experience feelings and emotions than trying to understand them.

    With Tomáš, we started to lead men circles and we started to be more curious what would it be to meet with men more in touch, in a physical way and share about it. So we created PlayFight Club.

    My thanks belong to Matteo Tangi whose ritual of PlayFight I encountered and integrated some of his visions to our meetings. And as well Pierre Nadaud for his passion to pass me his experience with bodywork. And Clinton Callahan for his radical responsibility, being next to him brought me a lot of awareness.




    We regularly hold PlayFight Clubs both for man and woman in Czech Republic, Switzerland and Poland .
    Exact dates are here on facebook pages:

    Next countries and towns coming soon.


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